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About Us

  • Founded in 2007
  • Intellectually vibrant culture focusing on collaboration, discipline, critical analysis, and intense research.
  • Managed the distribution of 100,000 MT of polystyrene in the Brazilian marketplace.
  • Team has 20 years’ experience developing and managing proprietary, quantitative import and trade strategies and has 40 years’ experience in the petrochemical industry.
  • Staff holds 3 PhDs in the business and food engineering fields, and includes authors of widely cited scientific papers.
  • Data-driven algorithm producer with extensive databases compiled using the most prestigious data mining sources.
  • SAP used to efficiently coordinate and manage internal operations and communications.
  • Employs robust state-of-the-art data security framework.
  • Received a 99 credit rating from Coface, who insures sales.
  •  Audited by Deloitte.

Asibras Commodities aims at becoming a leader in alternative investments in Brazil, by continuously assisting customers to allocate and invest capital wisely, principally through global trade. Since its foundation in 2007, Asibras Commodities has completed numerous projects for industry leaders in a variety of different fields. We have accumulated broad experience in financial engineering and data support, which enables us to maximize client credit lines and return on investment.

Asibras Commodities prides itself on its core values of personal excellence, meritocracy, trust, ethical behavior and an obstinate commitment to achieving results. Our focus on training and the sharing of knowledge throughout the team represents a key differential. This coordinated approach helps transform businesses, generate value, promote productive business culture and leads to long-term business relationships.

Asibras Commodities has brought together a team of very talented, high-potential professionals with extensive prior management experience in different market segments. The investment approach of our team is always proactive. Their goal is to directly contribute to data collection and analysis, apply their talents to fundamental research and quantitative analysis, and bring their insights and innovations to the marketplace.

Asibras Commodities´ executive officers are primarily responsible for managing its day-to-day operations and implementing the general policies and guidelines established by our clients.


To serve our clients by applying state-of-the-art technology and the highest standard of service to continuously specialize in their needs and contribute to their growth.



Radical and applied at all levels, forming the basis for our people management and remuneration policy.


We place the greatest value on teamwork, based on optimism, open mentality and humility. Attitudes or behaviors that focus on the individual rather than the team are unacceptable.


We share the company's value creation with our entire team to ensure a perfect alignment of interests.


We recruit our people for their excellence and enthusiasm. We offer them challenges, encouraging them to be bold and take risks. This is the only way to perpetuate our company.


We are completely profit-oriented, which is the only way to ensure long-term continuity and growth.


We delegate full authority and responsibility to our team members to properly perform their duties.


We strive for global standards of excellence in everything we do.


We encourage the transparent dissemination of information and the standardization of processes and procedures for storing and sharing our knowledge.


Our actions are governed by the highest ethical and professional standards. Any deviation from these standards, however small, is completely unacceptable.


We are all equally responsible for spreading our values ​​to our portfolio companies through our attitudes and by example in order to create companies world-class and generate long-term value.

Competitive Advantages


The excellence of our management team, which combines many years of international trade experience with senior executive experience


The close relationship we maintain with our clients ensures that the strategy is implemented appropriately


The Asibras management team uses its own assets to run the business. By keeping our skin in the game, we make sure that our interests are aligned with those of our clients and that we do the right thing for everyone concerned.


Our strong commitment to Brazil over many years and through several market cycles


The extensive network of international contacts we have built between senior management, investors, business leaders, banks and other institutions


Our persistence in investing proactively rather than passively, with a results-oriented approach